This is a part of the Tales from and Ombre Crazed Bride series.

The elements that fueled the style of our wedding was watercolor and ombre. Very similar looks if you will. It began with the Save the Dates and my personal obsession with making each piece unique. I thought I would be receiving a little help from Chris, my husband, but I was left to watercolor 150 sheets on my own.

Anyways, back to the napkins and why you are here. After seeing many tutorials and finally finding 100% cotton napkins (not as easy to find as you would think), my mother and I brewed up a steaming pot of blue fabric dye late on a Friday night. Let’s just say the experience was interesting and honestly it was fun, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Continue on to read about the downfalls and perks of dying your own napkins.


  1. If you choose to go barefoot, you may end up with blue “Smurf” f

– xo Amanda


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