Over the holiday weekend I took up being a Florist. I was lucky enough to have a coworker, who moonlights as a florist on weekends, she helped me order flowers for the event. When I placed my floral order, I knew exactly what I wanted. I selected the flowers by color palette, which needed to complement the invitation. I don’t like your typical “pretty” flowers, and I hate, like really hate, roses. I wanted to stay away from the romantic look. Bright, bold and different was the look. My selection ended up being orange dahlias, yellow protea – pin cushions, billy balls, bright pink peonies, hypericum, solidaster, green amaranthus, and fushia sweat peas.

Since I had never really made an arrangement myself from scratch, this was an adventure. Thankfully, one of my my besties, Brittany Westerman, had just pinned a great tutorial on Pinterest. I recommend checking out Beginner Blooms: The Market Bunch by Erin of  House of Earnest. Her tutorial gave me direction on how to get started and tricks on bringing my arrangements to life. All of my arrangements were made in various clear vases and mason jars. I also picked up a few more unique bud vases at the craft store. The biggest ordeal ended up not making the arrangements, but transporting them an hour and thirty minutes away! I was so nervous that vases and jars would get knocked over, arrangements destroyed, and flower petals would be all over the back of my car. Luckily I made it off the windy road to Penn Valley with everything in one piece!

Check out a few shots I took of the tables all set before guests and the bride-to-be arrived.

KB_BridalShower KB_BridalShower_Table


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