Albert Ross' pallet signed by Dad | forever
Albert Ross' pallet signed by Dad | forever

Father’s Day was yesterday, June 16, as you all know.

I didn’t get to share the day with my Dad, but he went windsurfing in Bodega and I went climbing on Donner Summit. Luckily, I had the chance to spend time with him last weekend, when I was visiting. There are so many things I would like to thank my Dad for over the years, but related to Forever Heyday, well let’s just say it wouldn’t exist without him.

My Dad shut down my ideas of buying a press for many years. I wanted to buy a studio from a printer who was retiring, my second year of college in 2010. “Hey Dad. How do I get a business loan? Or can I have $20,000 dollars?” Yeah… that went real well. PS Mom, thank you for supporting that crazy idea. I found presses after that over the years, minus the business’, but still nothing really worked out. It took an interesting turn in my life and the trade of iMac (don’t ask) for my Dad to finally begin to give into my dream of buying 1200 lbs of cast-iron.

This is where my story starts. I tracked down a press in Napa, being sold by a paper salesman. He saved presses from being turned into scrap. I went and checked out the press with my parents, my Dad still seemed a little skeptical, but he helped me ask questions and we discussed how we would even move the press, IF I was to buy it. Other  than needing a lift or forklift, and a trailer to transport it, there was a missing piece! The press needed a sturdy base. We needed a pallet! Fast forward through a few conversations and me begging a bit, there was a  handshake, and arrangements for pick-up were made. Lastly, my Dad got instructions for building Albert (the C&P – given his name for being deadweight at the time – to be explained later) a pallet to stand on. My Dad built Albert a pallet and what makes it special is he autographed it for me! Many people have helped with Albert over the years, but nobody as much as my Dad.

Once the pallet was made, Albert was wrapped for travel and my Dad and Mom set off for San Luis Obispo! There is so much more to the story of Albert’s travels, but that can be left for another story to be called “Things NOT to do when moving a Press.” For now, it’s just all about my Dad. Thank you for making Albert’s pallet/base! I think of you every time I print, because of all the hours you have helped with packing, moving and dialing everything in. But, the thing I love most of all, is I see your name every time I print! It always makes me smile.

Dear Dad, You wrote your name on that pallet three years ago now. I thank you for supporting my crazy dream of owning a press and now a business! Thanks You! – Love, Amanda

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