If you are just joining us… WELCOME! If you have been loyal and are returning, you will see some changes. We have a blog now (you are reading it), we have lots of new projects to share and most of all we are truly up and running.

After a year, probably even a little more, of chaos life is starting to settle down. There has been many lessons learned, goals met and even failures, but now it’s time to look towards to the future. ForeverHeyday has been a dream for many years, but now has become a reality. With the support of friends and family the amount of projects that have been produced in 2012 is amazing. We are still waiting for some pictures to trickle in, so make sure to check back to see what we have been up to.

As for the blog, well the idea is to share the progress of projects, inspirations and let you know what we are up to around the studio.

Still confused on who we are or what we do? Read  The Story.


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